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Tabitha Hood

Sales Coordinator


I’m from a small town about 45 minutes from Portland, named Estacada. I studied accounting throughout high school and went on to get my Associates degree in Accounting from Pioneer Pacific College in 2011. My husband, Bill, and I have a very large dog, and 3 beautiful children: Sarina, Hunter, and Kyle.


I started working with Raymond Handling Concepts Corporation in June 2015 as a service dispatcher. During that time, I got to build some amazing relationships with our customers, vendors, and the entire Portland team. In June 2018, I took the position of Sales Coordinator, and I am loving it. Working at RHCC is great because we are like a big family. We all look out for each other and want the best for each other.


I spend as much time as possible with my family outside of work. Our family loves to be outdoors, whether it’s on horseback, ATV’s, swimming, parks or just taking the dog for a walk. My daughter and I love horses and can’t wait to get one again. I also spend a lot of time on personal development in my spare time too. I can be found listening to audiobooks and podcasts, or reading books about leadership, marriage, finances, parenting, etc.