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Materials Handling & LIft Truck Expert in Fresno

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Jim Cox

Account Manager

Materials Handling & LIft Truck Expert in Fresno


I grew up in the small town of Lodi, California, next to the Mokelumne River, and spent most of my free time hunting, fishing and water skiing. Originally, I thought of becoming a Game Warden. My path has led me in many directions, almost all of them related to sales.


I started with the Raymond Handling Concepts Corporation (RHCC) Sacramento branch in 1996 as a Dockstocker Sales Representative. The Dockstocker Corporation was a subsidiary of the Raymond Corporation. The following year, I completed training in an entirely new role as a Raymond System Sales Representative, i.e. Account Manager. I moved in 2001 to become a materials handling and lift truck expert in Fresno. In this position I help clients store and move products by maximizing their warehouse space, designing and implementing material handling storage system solutions and utilizing material handling lift equipment that best fits their application. It is a challenging job and very competitive as I deal with all types of companies, people and personalities. I would definitely say the best part of my job has been the development of many lifelong customer partnerships and friendships built along the way. This has been easy to accomplish as Raymond has been customer-focused, always bringing aboard the best qualified people, products and solutions to the industry in all aspects including training, latest-best technology and unmatched service. I recently took over as a Field Sales Manager for the Fresno area.


I enjoy spending time with my wife swimming in our pool, barbecuing and kayaking on the weekends.