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Consulting for Lift Truck Fleet Management

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Jason Thompson

Technology Solutions Manager

Consulting for Lift Truck Fleet Management


Born and raised in Oregon, I graduated from Willamette University in Salem with a degree in political science. Facing few job prospects despite that high-demand degree I moved back to Newport, Oregon and lived there for a couple of years. Wanting to travel further abroad, I managed to make it as far away as the neighboring state of Washington. It was there that I met my future wife, Bev.  We’ve been married for almost 20 years and have two great kids.


I’ve been in equipment sales and leasing for 20 years. My first job in this field was working the rental counter for a company that provided over-the-road semi-trailers. I stayed in trailer and container leasing for eight years. After that I worked for a truck rental company as an account manager. My material handling career began at a forklift dealership where I worked for seven years, doing outside sales and sales management. Raymond Handling Concepts hired me in February of 2014 as their Technology Solutions Manager, a newly created position for the company specializing in consulting for lift truck fleet management. I was attracted to it because of the increasing demand for technology-based fleet management solutions. In addition to managing Raymond’s iWarehouse and iTrack products I also lead RHCC’s Fleet Care Department, which is tasked with ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. 


When not working, you can usually find me doing something with my family.  Since both kids are active in sports, most weekends are spent cheering from the bleachers.  We also enjoy hiking, taking road trips and working around the house.  For the past several years, I’ve been involved with the Transportation Club of Seattle.  This year I serve as the 1st Vice President for the club and recently was named Person of the Year for 2016.  My true relaxation time is spent running (not a jogger!) and competing in road and trail races.