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Developing Materials Handling Managers

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Heidi Healy

Vice President, Human Resources

Developing Materials Handling Managers


I was raised in both Southern and Northern California. After moving to attend UC Santa Cruz, have spent my adult life in the Bay Area. In 1990, I graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a BA in Journalism. In 2001 I graduated from JFK University with a Masters’ Degree in Psychology.


I joined RHCC in January, 2000 as Director of Human Resources and was promoted to Vice President of Human Resources in January, 2012. When I began in the material handling industry, I thought there was one type of forklift and really knew little about the enormity of the material handling industry. Over my years at RHCC I have grown to understand how the material handling industry touches so many aspects of our lives. There is virtually nothing we buy as consumers that isn’t moved by some type of material handling equipment. To be part of such an impactful industry makes you appreciate what we do each day for our customers and the people they serve. I am proud to work for RHCC specifically because of the people we work with each day. The team of talent that drives our company is exceptional. I also specialize in developing materials handling managers.


My husband is the Executive Director of Quality for a Bay Area pharmaceutical company working with stem cells, and is a very inspirational person in my life. My family and I recently moved to the beautiful Bay Area Peninsula. We have three wonderful school-age children, two feisty but loveable Beagles, and two sweet ”rescued” Shih tzus.

I love being involved in my church and children’s’ school. My family and I recently took up dirt bike riding which has been a whole new experience for me. My husband and I enjoy antiquing, going to art galleries, and wine tasting. We also love to watch “American Pickers”… and I can’t wait for the day when we drive by an old barn and say, “Hey, let’s do some free styling!”