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Dilan Dean


I was born and raised in Phoenix, AZ but now live in Maple Valley, WA.  I’ve been around warehouse my whole life. When I was little, my Dad would take me to some of the job sites that he would sell to.  I graduated at Chandler-Gilbert Community College with an Associate Degree in Liberal Arts. A few years ago, I given the opportunity to do the Disney College Program and be paid college intern at Disney’s Magic Kingdom.


I have been with the company for just over a year.  I came into this job with no prior experience or even knowing what I was going to be doing.  I like working for RHCC because being fairly new to this state, running permits all around lets me interact and explore and see different cities.


I like to collect toys.  My room is lined from floor to ceiling with boxes.  I also like going to, and volunteering, with comic book conventions. When I go home from work, I normally turn on my PlayStation and connect with my friends back home.