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System Services available from the Storage (Integrated Systems Group (ISG))

The Raymond Handling Concepts ISG provides a wide scope of services in support of distribution and manufacturing projects. These services start with systems design. A well designed system will need to have many properties to help our clients keep their competitive edge:

System Design:

  • Collect current data about # of SKU’s, velocity, order profiles, seasonality and other factors that drive quality design
  • Capture the key properties of the existing or proposed building, such as clear height, column locations, # and type of docks, slab characteristics and fire protection
  • Understand growth targets and anticipated changes in the client’s business
  • Conceptualize what technologies are appropriate such as carousels, carton flow, conveyor, light driven picking, lift truck / racking combinations, etc.
  • Emphasize high density storage to minimize space and maximize facility capacity
  • Determine a mix of storage solutions to support effective slotting for fast, accurate kitting and order selection
  • Develop a transportation system to support order consolidation and effective packaging
    Present one or more conceptual solutions for customer review and input
  • Refine the solution(s) and associated costs in an iterative process among the team
  • Evaluation of the existing equipment and what can be integrated in to the next generation or abandoned due to poor condition or unsuitable specifications

Project Management:

  • Create detailed approval drawings
  • Develop a detailed project management schedule
  • Designate key responsibilities and responsible personnel in both the customer and integrator organizations
  • Work with seismic engineering and fire protection subs to develop city / county submittals for building and fire authority approvals
  • Make submittals structural and high pile permitting
  • Respond to questions and make changes as needed for the permit process
  • Manage and schedule mechanical, electrical, control and plumbing sub-contractors
  • Receive and inspect incoming materials
  • Monitor installation
  • Meet with and walk the job with permit inspectors

Custom Fabrication

  • Custom made order picker platforms
  • Charging stands
  • Bollard posts
  • Door Guards
  • Walk Way Guards
  • Modular buildings
  • Modular rooms
  • Rack supported mezzanines
  • Secure enclosures
  • Rack modifications (upright height, change baseplates, shorten beams, change beam clips)
  • Damage repair (replace damaged upright sections)
  • End of row protectors
  • Aisle guide bumpers
  • Fire protection baffles
  • Custom safety gates
  • Blast Cabinets
  • Ramps

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