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Cantilever racking systems have several different types. The two main types are structural “I” beam columns, with bases and arms and pocket style; it is very similar to roll form pallet racking. Both types function the same way and provide all of the same solutions. All cantilever racking systems generally consist of the following pieces: main column, base, arms, horizontal bracing and x-bracing.

Cantilever rack systems can be single, double-sided, or both. Cantilever racking consists of a large vertical column with horizontal arms and bases that project out from it in either direction, with the arms providing the support that the product sits on. Your product length, weight and rigidity will define the center of the columns and how many arms are needed to support the load. The load depth of your product is the defining source of how long the arms and bases need to be. Your load cannot exceed the length of the bases. With cantilever racking, the main column or “backbone” is punched on both sides for versatility. This allows you to purchase the column of the system for either a single-sided or double-sided solution. It provides an endless shelf as well; you can store any length of product or material. This type of racking system may be beneficial for your business if you are in need of storage for steel pipes, tubes, furniture, lumber, drywall or other oddly shaped and oversized products.

Another feature of cantilever rack is that you can mount roof support arms to support a roofing system. The roof support arms just need to be long enough that they can push the drip line past your base length for drainage. This allows for outdoor storage that also protects your product from the weather. In an outdoor application, you can utilize either a single or double sided cantilever system. The roofing system can even be expanded to span separate rows. Utilizing a roofing system for separate rows can create a clear work area between two rows of cantilever while being protected from the elements.

One of the ways to increase the density of your cantilever layout is the Raymond Sideloader long load forklift. You can store 20’ goods with 6’ aisle spacing.

Punch Deck

Cantilever rack offers a few different options when it comes to its loadable shelf surface. The first and most common you will see in a warehouse is the standard arm which is a 3” to 4” wide “I” beam. The standard cantilever arm is great for warehouses with long length products like furniture that will span at least 2 arms for support. With the endless shelf feature of cantilever, your product doesn’t need to be standardized or have consistent measurements. The loading surface that we look to create if the load or product is not standardized is a solid surface from arm to arm. You can accomplish this with Wire Deck, Punch Deck and Punch Deck Plus topped cantilever shelves as the best solution for your warehouse or product storage.

If you need product storage that is diverse and can store product that is multiple sizes and/or dimensions, you should plan for a load surface other than just the arms. Long length items such as sofas can be stored with no frontal obstructions to maneuver around, so odd-sized and bulky items rest easily on the punch deck or wire deck surface. Since both of these options create a solid shelf between the arms, it is important to know what type of completed shelf top you want prior to ordering. If you are in need of a solution that has something other than the just the arms, you will need to consider adding saddles before finalizing the storage system.

There are a few post production options if your storage system or cantilever rack is already set in place, it is important to consider that these options are not as cost effective as planning ahead for your needs before implementing a racking system.

Both of these loading surfaces are fire code compliant. They offer the structural integrity to hold items with pedestal type legs, and you will gain a loading surface as deep as your cantilever arm and as long as your entire storage system.

Punch-Deck Plus

The Punch-Deck Plus, perforated flat-cap is an accessory, add-on to the Punch-Deck pallet rack decking. Punch-Deck Plus is designed for those applications that require a smooth flat-surface and water drainage capability. The flat-caps are perfect for product that have a small footprint that would fall through other styles of decking.

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