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Order picking

We design and implement order picking solutions that maximize material handling productivity.

order picking
We understand the demands placed on your material handling operation and your goals for order fulfillment, throughput and order picking. To maximize picks per hour, it is essential to analyze your material handling inventory and determine which products are high or low volume stocking items for order picking.
From that analysis, your material handling warehouse can be designed for maximum order picking efficiency using a combination of aisle configurations, stacking and storage solutions, and the forklifts needed to navigate your warehouse design.

Containing Order Picking Costs in Your Material Handling Business

Efficient order picking is the primary concern of many material handling businesses because it is a labor-intensive and costly activity for most operations. Because order picking involves significant cost, the need for ongoing process improvement is critical. We have the expertise needed to help you meet your goals for greater volume and faster response times in your material handling operation.
For lower volume stock that is stored higher in your warehouse, Raymond Handling Concepts also provides solutions for high-bay order picking including forklifts with lift heights and performance packages to meet any order picking requirements — from wide aisle to high level Very Narrow Aisle (VNA).