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Service and Repair Training

Certified Forklift Service Shop & Technicians

technician training
Raymond Handling Concepts values competence and customer service. In order to ensure that our customers receive all the advantages and benefits they expect from their Raymond forklift, we support them with some of the best-trained and qualified forklift service technicians in the industry.
All of our new electric forklift service techs go through an extensive, six month Raymond Accelerated Technical Training (or RATT) class with one of our Certified Technical Trainers, before they are even allowed to see a customer. In order to graduate, each trainee must pass the Raymond Basic Certification Test. But it doesn’t stop there.

Highly Skilled Forklift Technicians

Our forklift technicians also receive continuous training on specialty equipment, new forklifts, and product revisions, as well as regular refresher programs. This ensures that all of our forklift technicians are certified by Raymond at two or more advanced levels, thereby providing complete confidence that your Raymond forklift will be taken care of quickly and competently.
The more skilled and knowledgeable your forklift technicians are, the greater your forklift fleet’s uptime is. And when you partner with Raymond Handling Concepts, we provide your technicians with the advanced training they need to keep your electric forklifts up and running at maximum efficiency. With both classroom and hands-on courses taught by certified forklift trainers, you are guaranteed to learn from the most experienced forkift service technicians in the industry.