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Forklift Operator Training

Certified, expert forklift operator training for precision material handling.

forklift operator training
Protect the investment you’ve made in your electric forklifts and invest in forklift operator training with Raymond Handling Concepts. We’re confident when we say that no one in material handling offers forklift training as comprehensive as our Raymond-certified professionals. And by utilizing our precision and proven instruction techniques, you will be able to quickly optimize your material handling operations through every shift.
It is well documented that forklift operators who know how to use their equipment make fewer mistakes, leading to greater accuracy and efficiency. Once your Raymond Handling Concepts-trained forklift operators complete our training programs, they will be much more inclined to utilize their forklifts correctly. They will be optimally suited to achieve greater productivity, less forklift damage from misuse and abuse, and less product and rack damage due to improper material handling practices.

Safety on the Move®:
The Industry Standard in Forklift Operator Training

forklift operator training
Used by hundreds of companies and thousands of forklift operators, the Raymond-certified Safety on the Move operator training program is a comprehensive electric forklift safety training program that uses interactive discussions and demonstrations of safety principles, video-based examples and practical hands-on sessions. Forklift operator trainees are able to both see and experience for themselves the important concepts of electric forklift operation that are essential for a safe, efficient material handling warehouse.
Safety on the Move is an innovative combination of classroom and hands-on forklift operator training, designed to ensure that forklift operators are able to put into practice what they’ve learned in the classroom. For hands-on training, veteran instructors demonstrate the optimal operating practices for forklifts and assist forklift operators to learn each practice until they have satisfactorily demonstrated competency.
There is a Safety on the Move training class for each and every Raymond® lift truck model. The training program is made up of eight user-friendly, informative and interactive program modules.
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