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Forklift Fleet Study

Industry surveys confirm that 94% of material handling businesses do not have an accurate record of their forklift fleet.

fleet study
Unfortunately, these material handling businesses often incur inflated costs as there is little insight into the true drivers of forklift fleet maintenance and operational expenses. Raymond Handling Concepts will conduct a comprehensive Forklift Fleet Study designed to help you identify your forklift fleet’s characteristics including:

Optimizing Forklift Size, Model and Make

Incorrect forklift model mix and quantities can result in lost productivity and unnecessary wear and tear leading to frequent maintenance and excessive downtime for your forklift fleet. Ensuring that you have the right forklift for the job will optimize your material handling operation’s productivity and efficiency, while minimizing cost.

Aging Forklift Fleets Cost You Money

Over 500,000 forklifts in the U.S. have exceeded their economic life, which equates to over $1 billion in excess forklift maintenance costs that have been needlessly incurred. Unfortunately, 90% of material handling companies are unaware of the toll these forklift maintenance costs are taking on their budget. The average age of a material handling forklift fleet can play a significant role in driving costs higher. Once a forklift has exceeded its economic life, it costs more to own and maintain than it would to purchase and maintain a new forklift. Our Forklift Fleet Study helps you identify forklifts that are past their Economic Point of Recovery, to immediately begin reducing maintenance costs while increasing the overall performance of your forklift fleet.

Measuring Forklift Utilization Rates

Many material handling companies incorrectly assume the forklifts in their fleet are operating at 70 – 80% utilization. This would mean for every 8 hour shift, they believe their forklift runs about six hours. However, industry reports find the average forklift utilization in North America is only about 25% or 2 hours of actual daily operation in your material handling facility.
Effectively identifying the utilization rate of your forklift fleet will ultimately help you to operate your material handling facility at maximum efficiency and reduce your overall operating costs.