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Raymond Dealers Raise Money to End Child Poverty

May 24, 2019 –Three of the West Coast’s largest forklift dealers teamed up to fight childhood poverty during Red Nose Day, an annual event sponsored by Comic Relief. Raymond Handling Concepts, Handling Systems, Inc and Raymond Handling Solutions, which collectively serve 8 states across the Western U.S., came together on May 23rd to raise funds for children’s organizations.

Although childhood poverty is no laughing matter, Red Nose Day is a lighthearted event intended to raise awareness and funds through a little bit of comedy. On the day of the event, employees are motivated to wear red plastic clown noses throughout their workday, which generates awareness for the fundraiser while also garnering laughs.

“We like to say it puts the fun back in fundraising” said James Wilcox, CEO of Raymond Handling Concepts. “It’s always a day that our employees look forward to, not only because it’s lighthearted, but it gives us a chance to give something back to our own community and children around the world.”

Among the three different Raymond organizations that participated, more than $10,000 was collected in the name of ending childhood hunger and poverty. “The event was a success, all the way around,” said Wilcox, “we had fun, but more importantly I think we got people to start thinking more about childhood poverty and how we can make a little bit of a difference.”

In 2015 Red Nose Day launched in the United States and has raised more than $150 million for children’s charities since then. Money raised is distributed to select international and national children’s organizations to promote the health safety and food security for children worldwide.

Since 2015, money raised through Red Nose Day has helped more than 16 million children throughout the U.S. and around the world. Red Nose Day has so far helped to provide:

The Raymond dealers in California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, and Arizona participated in the Red Nose Day program.