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Forklift Battery Handling Systems

We have all of your forklift battery handling needs covered for high and low throughput material handling operations.

Forklift battery handling is critical to maintaining optimal material handling productivity. We offer the Raymond Mobile Changer and Fully Automated Systems. For unique needs, a custom forklift battery handling solution may be required.

Raymond’s Mobile Forklift Battery Changer

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With the Forklift Battery Mobile Changer, changing forklift batteries is fast, easy and efficient. Save forklift battery charging time by as much as 90% with the Forklift Battery Mobile Changer. Equipped with poly strips, the battery compartment provides essential safety for forklift battery removal. The battery compartment is an additional 6 to 10 inches longer than the forklift battery itself, allowing enough room to prevent knocking of the battery. In addition, the Mobile Changer is able to handle forklift batteries as heavy as 4,000 pounds.

Fully Automated Forklift Battery Changing Systems

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This system is ideal for high throughput material handling operations requiring the storage, handling, changing and maintaining of hundreds, even thousands of forklift batteries day-in-day-out, shift after shift.