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Raymond Eco-Performance solutions deliver smart, sustainable material handling operations and high-performance forklifts.

Eco Performance

To help warehouses and distribution centers achieve higher performance and more sustainable material handling operations, The Raymond Corporation delivers Eco-Performance. Eco-Performance is Raymond’s approach to designing and engineering forklift solutions for maximum economic and ecological benefits.

In independent third-party testing by the United States Auto Club (USAC), several Raymond® forklifts were tested against competitive models by completing the same number of store-and-retrieve material handling cycles. The Raymond Swing-Reach® forklift was found to use up to 40 percent less energy; the Raymond Reach-Fork® forklift used up to 21 percent less energy; and the Raymond Model 4250 stand-up counterbalanced forklift used up to 17 percent less energy. Based on these results, Raymond forklifts enable:

“Eco-Performance is another example of the standards Raymond sets in enhancing the energy efficiency and productivity of Raymond forklifts,” says Susan Comfort, product manager for narrow aisle forklifts for The Raymond Corporation. “When forklifts can work harder and use less energy, they further enable material handling warehouses and distribution centers to meet both sustainability and material handling goals.”

In addition to providing Eco-Performance solutions, Raymond Sales and Service Center representatives can provide consultation on the right mix of forklifts for maximizing material handling throughput and efficiency, and suggest recommendations for forklift battery charging and management to optimize energy usage.