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RHCC Philanthropic Programs:


Operation Santa’s Supply Chain

For over 17 years, Raymond Handling Concepts Corporation has been involved in providing food to the communities in which we conduct business. Since 2009 alone, we have donated over 4,300 lbs. of food, equaling about 2,800 meals to those that are in need. What started out as a small effort among a few employees to help hungry families during the holiday season grew to a much larger desire to give back.

As a result, Operation Santa’s Supply Chain was formed.In 2014, we were able to extend the opportunity to collect food to all of our branches in an effort to benefit their own local community food banks. We are proud to say we were able to collect over 900 food items (990 lbs.) to donate, which was a new record for us! This accomplishment lead Raymond Handling Concepts Corporation to be honored with the Full Plate Award from the Alameda County Community Food Bank for our participation. In early 2015, Katherine Avila, Food Drive Coordinator came to our Fremont, CA office and personally delivered this award to Joan Francis, our donation coordinator.

In 2016 Raymond Handling Concepts Corporation was once again honored by the Alameda County Community Food Bank with the Full Plate Award for their efforts in providing an additional 705 lbs of food during the 2015 holiday season.

Sales Lyon’s 1% Fund

Sales Lyons are Raymond Handling Concepts highest performing Sales professionals. Like a presidents club, the Sales Lyons achieve their status by working hard, taking care of their customers and achieving their sales goals.Sales Lyons receive a number of perks, but the most special is the 1% they receive of their previous year’s profit, provided for charitable donations.  The fund is made available for the high performing Sales professional to donate to charities in his or her community.

Last year, over $30,000 was donated to local charities such as hospitals, food banks, housing in Africa, rescue missions for the elderly and poor in Mexico and much more.  For specific write ups on some of good works the Sales Lyon 1% fund has supported, click here.

Pink Pallet Jack Project

The Pink Pallet Jack Project idea came about in January 2014. RHCC president Steve Raymond and VP of Sales Simon Walker were having dinner in Greene, NY when local resident Shelly Howell recognized Steve. She and several of her friends struck up a conversation with the two RHCC executives about a charity golf tournament in honor of Tina, Shelly’s sister. Tina had lost her battle to breast cancer. The story touched Steve and Simon’s hearts and they decided to get RHCC involved.