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Operation Santa Supply Chain 2016

Donated bicycles | Auburn branch staff

RHCC Auburn office with all 69 donated bikes

By Joan Francis
Since 1995 Raymond Handling Concepts Corporation’s headquarters in Fremont, CA, has been donating food and toys to local charities during the holiday season. Due to our commitment over the last 20 years and involvement from our growing company, in 2014 we held our first annual unified Operation Santa’s Supply Chain food and toy drive throughout all our branches at RHCC.

Each branch across Northern California, Nevada, Oregon, Idaho and Washington set up receiving locations in their office spaces and collected food and toys from employees, customers, family and friends to donate to their local food banks and charities. For our dedicated efforts, we won the Full Plate Award from the Alameda County Community Food Bank for all of our donations for the last two years.

In 2016 Raymond Handling Concepts again came together and donated thousands of food items and hundreds of toys to various charities throughout the locations where we have employees. This year was extra special with a challenge that was speared by our Washington Branch Operations Manager, Dave Blau. He challenged his branch to donate 60 bicycles to be collected by RHCC at Auburn, WA and donated to two local charities. Additionally, he challenged all RHCC branches to meet his branch challenge! Dave’s generosity resulted in an overwhelming bicycle and toy response, and an equally wonderful year of food donations. Auburn, WA received 75 bicycles from RHCC employees not just at the Auburn branch but shipped to Dave from our other locations! Fremont came in second with 39 bicycles!

Once the bicycles arrived at the branch locations, the RHCC Service Technicians pulled out all the stops to make sure the bikes were assembled before Christmas!  RHCC Elves are the best!

The “season of giving” took on a new meaning for many this year as everyone at RHCC participated in the joy of giving back.

2016 Food Banks and Toy Charities

These are just some the food banks and toy charities that RHCC and its employees donated to for 2016:

Auburn, WA – 3,425 Food items and 82 toys (including bikes)

Auburn Food Bank
930 18th Place NE
Auburn, WA 98002

Valley Regional Fire Authority
101 D St NE, Auburn, WA 98002

Pierce County Dept. of Health & Human Services

Fremont, CA – 1,319 Food items and 187 toys (including bikes) and $794.90 donated from the RHCC Virtual Food Drive!

Alameda County Community Food Bank
7900 Edgewater Drive
Oakland, CA 94621

ACCFB Virtual Drive:

Tri-City Volunteers Firefighters Toy Drive

Sacramento, CA – 225 Food items and 19 toys

Sacramento County Food Bank and Family Services
3333 Third Ave.
Sacramento, CA 95817

Stockton, CA –190 Food items and 10 toys

For Kids Sake!
All donated items benefit Manteca Unified School District students and their families in Manteca, Lathrop, French Camp and Weston Ranch Communities.

Each branch set food and toy goals that they worked toward to be donated to the charities listed above.