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Warehouse Genius FAQs

We are going to set up a new warehouse in Orange County, California and have a question regarding racking materials. What racking materials and dimension (length, width, thickness, footplate) should we use if: the warehouse ceiling height is 30 feet / maximum pallet weight is 1,500 pounds / and the sprinkler system is ESFR

You have a great start to set up storage racks for your facility. Your loads are in the medium range, and you have a fire sprinkler system that is made for high pile storage.

These are a few questions to consider when setting up a new warehouse:

  1. How high will top of storage be? If you have an existing forklift that you are using, what is its max height for reaching? If not, we can suggest the proper lift for you.
  2. Concrete slab thickness – is it minimum 6” thick?
  3. Ambient temperatures, or is this in a cooler?
  4. Are there a lot of different SKU’s, or are there minimal SKU’s, but with mass quantities? That will determine selectivity.


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