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Warehouse Genius FAQs

We are moving our merchandise from a fulfillment company into our own building. We will need to store about 1,000 SKUs, which turn about 3.5 times each year. An average order involves 12 SKUs and three picks per SKU. Order volume is about 10 per day. I am leaning towards an order picking configuration with limited pallet storage. Is there a vehicle that can handle order picking as well as some infrequent work in moving pallets to load a truck, unload a truck, and so on? I originally thought an order picker would be a good choice but it sounds like it can’t handle the regular pallet functions.

What kind of forklift do I need?You are correct, an order picker cannot handle regular pallet functions. Currently, no single piece piece of equipment designed for order picking, replenishment and loading/unloading. Would a pallet jack support your load/unload requirements?

As business increases, an orderpicker can be added to work the same system in conjunction with the swing reach, providing more high level orderpicking.

With the low volume, I would recommend a couple of used units.  One sit-down counterbalance forklift to load and unload pallets from the trailer trucks and a used order picker for the order fulfillment. If you have the room, you could have low level order picking and get away with a used sit-down counterbalance to load and unload trailers and put pallets away on the rack, and a used rider jack, keeping the price even lower if that is your goal.  The benefit of the rider jack is that it can build orders into the pallets and load and load trailers.  The drawback is that they cannot put pallets away at a second level of the rack. Raymond Handling Concepts offers low cost lease options that can keep the cost of ownership down while providing the equipment you need.

Another consideration would be a used rider jack, for loading/unloading and low level orderpicking, combined with a used rail guided swing reach, which would provide the capability of high level orderpicking as well as full pallet replenishment.

To insure efficiencies, staging zones can be created at the end of every aisle and the rider jack can unload the trucks and drop at these staging zones. The swing reach would pick pallets from these zones and replenish the system.

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