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Warehouse Genius FAQs

How do go about ensuring that our forklift attachments are compatible (and rated for) the forklifts we have on site?

What kind of attachments can I put on my forkliftAny attachment you wish to use with a specific lift must be certified for that lift. The forklift manufacturer would then review the necessary engineering requirements for marrying the hydraulic attachment and the forklift. The manufacturer then issues a spec plate and capacity tag, which is then affixed to the forklift. The operator is required to refer to the spec plate when using the forklift with the attachment on the carriage. If you have multiple attachments hanging from the carriage, then multiple spec plates are required. All OEM manufacturers, including Raymond, provide this service for a small fee.

Spec plates and capacity tags are required when an attachment is directly attached to the forklift carriage. If an attachment is fork mounted, no such tag is required.

Because all attachments weigh differently and have different centers of gravity, they are down-rated specifically for each forklift depending on the type of attachment, such as slip sheet, clamp, fork positioner, and so on. Separate capacity plates are required on each forklift for use with each attachment.

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