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What is the maximum height to which I can lift with a dock-to-stock and pick-to-ship full pallet operation? For example, the truck must be able to load/unload 1-high (if 2,000 lb./pallet) or 2-high (if 1,000lb./pallet) in a standard 53-foot trailer. I expect that we would use a quad mast counterbalance truck. Do you have suggestions?

If you are using a 96-inch door on your trailers, you could use a 3,500-pound capacity Raymond Quad Mast stand-up counterbalance to store product on a 250-inch top beam with a 2000-pound load. This would allow you to utilize aisles 11-feet wide, assuming a 4-inch spacing and a pallet size of 48X40-inches. The lowered height of the lift in this instance will be 89 inches and will comfortably access trailers for unloading.

We can store pallets as high as 260 inches with a 5,000-pound capacity counterbalance that has a lowered height of 93.5 inches. However, this would require a larger aisle (about one foot wider) to accommodate the larger lift. This might push the envelope on accessing your trailers depending on whether they are roll-up doors or swing out. You would also need to consider the incline of the dockplate and so on.
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