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What is the best way to remove 15-foot aluminum beams from a closed sea container? They are in bundles of 20, weighing 65 pounds each, for a total of 1,300 pounds per pallet.

There are a few options to remove 15-foot aluminum beams from a closed sea container. With more detail of your application, Raymond Handling Concepts Corporation can better tailor our answer to you. The following information would help us best answer your question:

Options could be to use a 5,000-pound capacity forklift with fork extensions. At a 24-inch load center, a 15-foot load acts like a 4,875-pound load. Another option is to use a chain and clamp to tow the load out. The clamp would use the center stringer as an attachment point. If the bundles are not double stacked, a long fork pallet jack would also work depending on the pallet under the load. Please let us know if you would like a representative of Raymond to visit your site.

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