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Warehouse Genius FAQs

We need an elevator to lift pallets with a Raymond lift truck to an upstairs platform. We would like to be able to drop off a pallet and have it automatically lifted so that the driver can move on to picking up the next pallet. Do you have any suggestions?

We have several ways to lift a pallet from one level to the next.

There are several things to look add when adding a pallet lift. You want to look at the weight, the number of units per hour and the physical dimensions of the carton, skid, or pallet in order to make a determination. A basic vertical lift device with a platform can be loaded downstairs, and unloaded upstairs with a pallet jack or a rolling cart. You could also look at a conveyor unit. We mount the appropriate powered conveyor section to the platform and align it with the feeder conveyor downstairs. The discharge conveyor is placed upstairs. Usually there would be some manual controls and safety latches at both stations. Finally, you could automate a queue of one-to-many units, feed the lift, and then lift to a 1-to-many receiving unit on the second level.

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