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We are in the process of designing a dairy processing building with an ice cream storage freezer. We also have an existing building with low floor-to-floor heights (about 15 feet). Due to the low structure and the need for mechanical above, the current plan is to have a 10-foot ceiling in the freezer. The overall freezer size is approximately 21X76 feet, with an entrance on one side, and an exit on the other. To maximize the number of pallets, we have one aisle with pallets stacked two-high on either side using some sort of racking system and fork truck. Our pallets are 48.56 inches. I am looking for some suggestions for the racking and the fork truck that would meet our space requirements.

Here are some suggestions if you plan on utilizing a full pallet in full pallet out design:

When it comes to pallet flow, you could fill the rack from one side and pick from the other side. When it comes to freezers, denser storage is best, as far as energy consumption goes, it’s easier to keep a freezer full of ice cubes cold if there’s not a lot of air space between the products.

Here are some suggestions if you plan on going full pallet in full pallet out:

If you plan on doing full pallet in, case pick out, these are the best storage options: 

For more storage options, see: Pallet rack types for the warehouse

Here are some questions to consider when designing a freezer:

We would be more than happy to help you with building a freezer. Call us at 1-800-675-2500 or email us at for more information.

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