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Does OSHA allow more than one person on a moving stock picker at a time?

how many people are allowed on an order pickerIf it is deemed necessary that two authorized personnel must work with an elevated Orderpicker then:

  1. Both personnel must wear appropriate fall protection.
  2. Both must be tethered to a tether attachment.
  3. If using the Raymond full-length tether attachment, the combined weight of the operators must not exceed 500 pounds.
  4. If using the small tether attachment that was a standard feature on older Raymond trucks, the combined weight of the operators cannot exceed 300 pounds.
  5. No part of either operators’ body should be between the mast uprights or outside the sidegates while operating the lift truck.
  6. The capacity of the truck will be down-rated by the combined weight of the operators in excess of 220 pounds.

The best way to accomplish this is to use a three-sided order picking cart or platform.  Many such carts have tether attachment points suited just for this purpose.

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