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I am interested in purchasing a carton clamp attachment but am having trouble understanding how to create an ROI for it. Are there currently any calculators out there for this?

How do you calculate the ROI on carton clamp atttachmentsCurrently, there are no calculators for this purpose. However, there are a few different ways to do it.

A prime example of calculating an ROI in this situation would be to consider the labor and time savings versus the way you are currently doing business.

For example, if you currently unload trailers by hand, calculate the average time that takes. Then, rent a clamp unit from your favorite supplier and compare the time saved utilizing a clamp accessorized lift. Take the difference and multiply that number by the average loads per year. Take your current cost of labor and multiply it by your time that it currently takes you to unload. Do the same utilizing the clamp accessorized lift.

The difference in savings is your ROI. Other good questions to ask are:

All of the points mentioned above should help you determine how much the pallets are costing you. From there you can figure the ROI.

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