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Warehouse Genius FAQs

I assumed responsibilities for our forklift fleet, which has evolved as the company grew. I think it is not optimally sized. I would like to approach fleet sizing scientifically and logically. Can you recommend a model or structure to fleet sizing.

How do we manage our forklift fleet size?
One answer would be to look at it from an engineering standpoint, in which you apply industry standards for labor and equipment that correlate to the operation.  This would require an engineer to configure and compile. The other route to go would be utilizing iWarehouse.  We would install the system on all the equipment and look at how it’s actually being used.  Equipment utilization/productivity is one of the main facets of iWarehouse.  It usually takes us about 4-6 months to gather data before we can make recommendations.  If you have seasonal peaks in your business, then it might take us longer.

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