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Warehouse Genius FAQs

I have been asked to plan ahead for a production line expansion. In doing so, one option is to reduce the square footage currently used by our maintenance staff, or to reduce the square footage used by the workshop and parts storeroom.

How do we expand our warehouse capacityThe first consideration is to store parts in a Kardex Remstar vertical carousel. This allows you to store all your parts in a small footprint and use the vertical space allotted. If there is not enough vertical space inside, you can punch a hole in the celling to accommodate the needed storage. Kardex Remstar vertical lifts can be weather proof so your product will be safe.

A second consideration is to think about building a mezzanine over maintenance. These can be enclosed with walls or just a handrail, as you can see in these photos.

Check out these links for products that might work:

Kardex Shuttle as a solution for small to larger parts

Shuttle XP Overview:

Shuttle XP Options:

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