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When do the hours on a forklift meter roll over?

A standard forklift hour meter resets at 10,000 hours. Typically, forklift meters use a four-digit display, meaning that the highest number possible is 9,999. Once this is crossed, the meter resets to 0000.

The only way to determine how many times the meter has rolled over, is to consult the maintenance records for that piece of equipment – and then you are limited by how accurately the records have been kept.

You could estimate how many times the hours have reset by using its age as a measuring stick. A typical forklift that is used about eight hours a day would have about 1,000 to 1,500 hours on it per year. That means you could multiply the age of the forklift by 1,250 to get an estimate of how many hours the piece of equipment has been used.

For Example, a 1995 forklift is 20 years old. Multiply 20 by 1,250 and you get 25,000 hours. That means the meter likely has reset twice.

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