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We want to evaluate the slipsheet Push pull accesory to eliminate wooden pallets. Can The Hyraulics circuit of the forklift used or has Push pull an independent/separate the hydraulic system? ie What are the requirements to connect a PPull system to a regular forklift?

Should-we-get-a-forklift-push-pull-attachmentEasy answer is yes and yes and, maybe.

Yes, the truck hydraulics can be used for the attachment. The “maybe” part is if the truck has been plumbed to receive an attachment or not. If not, the truck would have to be modified (quote needed) from a service center.

The truck would also need to be evaluated for its capacity. The attachment will weight approx. 1,200 pounds and will immediately down rate the truck at a minimum, by that amount. It is always best when proposing an attachment of any kind to visit with the customer and discuss the application, requirements, limitations and safety.

ie; What are the requirements to connect a Push-Pull system to a regular forklift?
I would recommend that a Raymond technician go by to evaluate/verify the trucks plumbing and provide a quote to modify if required. This would allow the Raymond Dealer to quote the correct Push-Pull attachment as well.

The hydraulics are used on your forklift. You would need 4 way valve and 4 way hose group for the push pull and sideshift combination. You may find this video helpful:

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