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What is a carton clamp and why do I need one?

Sometimes loads are big and bulky enough that they don’t require a pallet. Instead, a palletless method is used. Carton clamps offer one way to do this. This is a hydraulically operated blade attachment that can be fitted to a lift truck. It can also be a thin-bladed type that allows order picking by “skimming” layers of cartons off stacked pallets. Appliances, packaged food, paper products, and plastic products are all good examples of products that can be moved by carton clamps.

The load must be able to withstand the pressure of being clamped. This is the biggest factor of using carton clamps. This is very crucial to the method as it can crush the product if not stable enough. It must also have a vertical height of 7-8 inches or more. Carton clamps work best for loads that do not have voids, which makes fridges and other large appliances great for this operation. The paper industry have very much utilized the carton clamp. According to Cascade Corporation, a dealer of carton clamps, 80-90% of all paper rolls are transported and stored using this method.

Carton clamps are beneficial because this method doesn’t require the use of pallets or slipsheets, a thin sheet of plastic, paperboard or a solid fiber that sets on a pallet, allowing the pallet to be removed; although, many operations work with both clamps and slipsheets or pallets.

There are many other advantages to using carton clamps over pallets if the warehouse application applies. Increased warehouse space is the biggest advantage, of course. This is including the space it takes to store pallets in the warehouse and also more space for stacking, as pallets have a height of 4 inches. It increases warehouse optimization and can allow for more storage and for more product.

The number one use for carton clamps is to allow for more space in the warehouse. Once the product is sent out for transportation, it is usually set on a pallet or a slipsheet to finish the delivery. Most of the time warehouse operations will use a combined system of push/pull applications with slipsheets and carton clamps for better warehouse and production optimization.

Carton clamps are the most versatile lift truck clamp attachment, but not the only kind. Below are other types of clamps available as attachments for more specific jobs:

Fork clamp: best for awkward loads. This lets the operator position the forks to clamp on to the product. It helps with wear and tear on the pallet.

Bale clamps: this clamp is used for any type of bale.

Pulp bale clamps: this is mostly used for high-volume unitized pulp bales.

Drum clamps: used mostly in petroleum and chemical industries for clamping 55-gallon drums.

Recycling clamps: very sturdy clamp for recycling materials.

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