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Warehouse mistake #8: Using the wrong forklift for the application

Warehouse mistake: using the wrong forklift for the applicationProblem: Are your operators using a counterbalanced lift trucks to pull a load off the rack, select the items needed, then return the load back to its original location? If so, this is an extremely inefficient way to pick product because it wastes both time and money.

Solution: Ask what the lift truck specializes in. In this scenario an order picker would be the best option. An order picker is a lift truck specifically designed for picking product. It lifts the operator up to the product, rather than bringing the product down to the operator. The operator can then select the item(s) needed and return to the ground floor – all without pulling the entire load down. The order picker can lift an operator up to 35 feet, making picking products much more efficient. Before buying any forklift, make sure to ask your Raymond Handling Concepts expert for help determining which lift truck is best for your company’s needs.

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