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What is a forklift parts consignment program?

What is a forklift parts consignment program?
A parts consignment locker is an inventory of forklift parts that are stored at a customer’s facility but are not billed until they are used by the on-site mechanics. A parts sales representative routinely inventories and replenishes the locker.

Making the decision to move to a parts consignment locker might be the right one for your business if you have an in-house maintenance department with mechanics who repair and service your lift trucks.

Here are the top five benefits of a parts consignment program:

  1. No upfront cost: The initial installation of the storage locker and the inventory are set up and installed at no charge.
  2. Immediate availability: The needed parts are just steps away, which eliminates placing orders, waiting on deliveries, and the hassle of backorders.
  3. Freight savings: There is no freight cost if the part is already in the locker. All parts are replenished at no charge.
  4. Equipment uptime: Having the right parts on hand will ensure the equipment is up and running as quick as possible.
  5. Eliminates inventory challenges: This includes money on shelves, reduced shrinkage, and inventory counts.

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