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Forklift leasing options

by Dave Scales
Forklift Leasing Options
Leasing might be right for your business if you are better suited to have a regular, fixed monthly payment over a certain length of time rather than committing to a large sum of liquid cash at one time. There are two core types of leases that Raymond Handling Concepts Corporation focuses on with their customers:

Fair market value lease

The first is a fair market value lease, also known as an operating lease. This option is the most flexible and has several benefits depending on your location and how many hours you put on the unit.



Full buyout lease

The second option is called the full buyout lease, also called a $1.00 buyout lease. This is just like it sounds; at the end of the lease term, your last payment is a final payment, you keep the unit, and you retain full ownership of the asset. This leasing option generally lasts a term of four to five years.



On a new forklift, the average operating cost generally hovers around $1 per hour. This is extremely important to track. If your operating costs per hour (total expenses per unit over a given period of time divided by the deadman hours for same period of time) reach or exceed $5 per hour, it is likely time to replace your equipment.

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Contact us if you are interested in learning more about these leasing options, or if you would like some help from one of our warehouse and materials handling experts to find out your operating costs per hour and help decide which leasing option might be best for you. You can reach us at 800-675-2500 or you can email us at