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How to rent, lease or buy a used forklift

Everyone likes bright and shiny new things – like a brand new Raymond forklift, but it’s not always the most practical choice. There are other options that may suit your operation and budget more than purchasing brand new. Depending on the need – buying used, leasing or renting are all viable options to consider.
How to rent, lease or buy a used forklift

Used forklifts

Pre-owned lift trucks are a great choice if an operation needs a long-term forklift and the company is ready to make a purchase. Used trucks are usually lift trucks that have previously been in a rental fleet, but can come from a former owner.

Raymond Handling Concepts offers an excellent “ReNewed” program for used trucks. These trucks go through rigorous review to make sure they are reconditioned to Raymond brand’s high standards. Every truck goes through a 20-point quality assurance process and is backed by a satisfaction guarantee.

Used lift trucks come in a wide variety of models and capacities to be able to fit what the operation may require. Since this is a long-term purchase, it’s important to keep up with maintenance. This will ensure the lift truck will be in working condition no matter how many shifts it endures. Raymond Handling Concepts offers a service maintenance program, or it can be done also through the operation’s choice of technician. When making a purchase on a used lift truck, make sure to ask if it comes with a battery and charger.

Raymond Handling Concepts Corporation offers three different levels of Renewed equipment.

Platinum Series forklifts

These trucks are low-hour pre-owned Raymond lift trucks that have been reconditioned for 4-5 hours per shift. Platinum-renewed trucks are late-model trucks, freshly painted with new tires and wheels. The Platinum Series is backed by a 90-day satisfaction guarantee.

Premium Series forklifts

These trucks offer a perfect balance of uptime and cost savings. Each truck is a top-performing pre-owned Raymond lift truck that has been reconditioned for 2-4hour shifts. The Premium Series is backed by a 60-day satisfaction guarantee.

Value Series forklifts

These trucks offer the highest value at the lowest price. Each truck is a top-performing pre-owned Raymond lift truck that has been reconditioned for 1-3 hour shifts. The Value Series is backed by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Rental forklifts

Renting lift trucks is a good option for operations that need equipment for short-term time periods, usually two years or less. This option is most commonly chosen by operations that push more product during holidays or specific seasons when a warehouse needs extra help or a specialized piece of equipment.

Sometimes, like a family vehicle, lift trucks break down after time. Renting equipment is also an option to replace equipment being repaired so as to not sacrifice productivity. Another reason an operation would choose to rent over purchase or leasing would be to establish the value of the equipment before making a commitment.

Renting equipment is more expensive in the long run than purchasing or leasing, but ideal if the equipment is only needed for a short period of time. While renting, the equipment is considered to be the property of Raymond Handling Concepts Corporation and all maintenance is included.

When deciding which option is best for a designated operation, consider what the equipment will be used for and for how long. Consider the budget. Raymond Handling Concepts offers many different financing options that can be customized to fit budgets of all amounts.

Lease a lift truck

Leasing a forklift is another great option for a long-term operation but without the commitment of making a purchase. Leasing a lift truck can allow an operation to use a piece of higher-end equipment that may not be an option for purchase. The way leasing works is that it allows an operation to use the selected equipment for a specific time period at a fixed rate. Raymond Handling Concepts offers five different payment plans for leasing.

When lift trucks are leased, the leaser is responsible for all maintenance. Service additions are available when leasing Raymond equipment and are highly recommended, or the operation can handle maintenance itself.

If you are interested in leasing, renting or purchasing a forklift, please contact RHCC at or 800-675-2500. We’d love to talk about payment plan options that work for your operation.

To browse our inventory of used forklifts, please also be sure to visit our web site:

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