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Swing-Reach Forklift

Definition: Swing-Reach Forklift

Definition: Swing Reach Forklift

Definition: What is a Swing-Reach Forklift?

Swing-Reach® is the Raymond brand name for turret type forklifts which are used for operator up pallet put-away and retrieval as well as order picking (case picking). This machine is designed for use in warehouses requiring high stacking in extremely narrow aisles.
When a pallet is loaded onto the lift truck’s forks, it can swing from left to right of the forklift, providing 180-degree rotation, but eliminating the need to turn the forklift around. The three-point design of the forklift keeps it stable and gives it a greater capacity at higher elevations.
Swing-Reach forklifts use 30 to 40 percent less aisle space than regular narrow-aisle reach trucks, but this advantage comes at a slightly higher price.
Clear aisle widths can be as narrow as 66 inches allowing for efficient storage in very narrow spaces.

Variations on this term: Swing-Reach Forklift may also be referred to as: Swing-Reach, Swing-Reach Truck or Swing-Reach Lift Truck







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