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Rolling Ladder

Rolling Ladder

Definition: Rolling Ladder

Definition: What is a Rolling Ladder?

Ladders equipped with casters to permit them to be moved with ease from place to place are called rolling (or mobile) ladders. Constructed mostly of lightweight, corrosion-resistant and non-magnetic metals such as aluminium, these ladders find most use in storage areas and warehouses to allow access to high shelving. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulates ladders safety requirements, covering such issues as the width of treads, the need for hand rails, and the proper maintenance and inspection of ladders prior to use.
Workers must be trained to use all types of ladders safely. Before use, ladders must be inspected for safety. Slippery spills on ladder treads can cause accidents, therefore, ladders must be cleaned after each use. It is also essential that rolling ladders must comply with OSHA standard 1910.29, which specifies the design requirements for rolling ladders.

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