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Impact Alarm

Definition: Impact Alarm

Definition: Impact Alarm

Definition: What is an Impact Alarm?

Impact alarm devices are designed to warn operators of material handling equipment of imminent danger to their machinery getting in contact with any kind of obstacles in their path.

These devices use a wide array of detecting sensors, from mechanical antennae (known as pigtails in the impact alarm industry) to ultrasound and / or infrared detectors. Many impact alarm devices of the most modern generation are equipped with automatic switches that force the machine (a lift truck, for example) to stop as soon as they detect an obstacle. The operator is then required to perform a thorough check upon the obstacle and make sure it is removed before being able to restart his machine.

Some impact alarm devices are capable of detecting motion, as well. Some work on the machine they are installed on, detecting if or when it begins to move while not under an operator’s control. Other such devices check on anything that is moving towards the machine.

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