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Dock Bumpers

Dock Bumpers

Definition: Dock Bumpers

Definition: What are Dock Bumpers?

A dock bumper is a recoiling or resilient device that is attached to a dock in order to absorb the impact of a hit by a truck or any other transportation device.
One of the basic decisions before building a dock and the appropriate dock bumper involves the differences between declining and inclining docks. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Declining versions tend to move the top of the trailer towards the wall of the building, endangering both structure and equipment. Inclining versions tend to cause the ICC bar to come too close to the wall under the bumpers.
Another issue is how severe the decline or incline should be: if it is too much, it can endanger employees, equipment and product as the risk of toppling during loading or unloading increases beyond acceptable standards.
Design, calculation and construction of dock bumpers (and docks in general) requires serious consideration that includes planning for future uses. One of the most important requirements is the calculation of proper dock incline or decline and that of the corresponding dock bumper. Another part of the calculation includes the requirement to accommodate changes when the nose of a truck is raised in order to couple with a tractor.

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