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Automated Storage

Definition: Automated Storage

Definition: Automated Storage

Definition: What is Automated Storage?

A varied number of computer-controlled systems to place and retrieve loads from defined storage locations automatically is called the automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS or AS/RS).
These applications are used most frequently when a very high volume of loads is to be moved into and out of storage. Another important use involves storage density required by lack of available space. There is no value-adding content present when using ASRS. These systems are also important whenever accuracy is critical to make sure potential expensive damages to the load are avoided. These systems work with both standard and non-standard loads.
Using computerized control, these systems help maintain an inventory of stored items. Instructions to retrieve items include specifications of the item type and quantity to be retrieved. The determination where to locate the item in the storage area and when is made by the computer.
For storage of goods, information about the pallet or tray is entered into a computer terminal and the system determines the best location for the item, and stores the load.
The computer updates its inventory database in accordance with the items stored into or retrieved from the racks.
Using such automated systems helps reduce labor requirements to transport items into and out of inventory. It also helps keep inventory levels lower, as well as providing more accurate tracking of inventory.
Using such systems also helps save space.

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