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4 Directional

Definition: 4 Directional

Definition: 4 Directional

Definition: What is 4 Directional?

A four-directional forklift can travel in four directions: forward, reverse, left and right.
Four-directional forklifts are especially useful for handling long, bulky loads like lumber, pipe, tubing and steel bar stock up to 22 feet in length. These forklifts can travel perpendicular to the length of the load or parallel to the length of the load by rotating their drive wheels 90°. Four-directional lift trucks are as they add lateral maneuverability to standard forward and rearward motion. This extra dimension of travel allows warehouse operators to decrease the width of aisles to just 24 inches greater than the overall length of the truck, including the load. This eliminates the right-angle stacking maneuver which means these forklifts can operate in much narrower aisles than conventional lift trucks. This saves space and increases operational efficiencies.

Variations of this term: 4 Directional may be referred to as either 4-D or Four Directional

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