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3 Wheeler

Definition: 3 Wheeler

Definition: What is a 3 Wheeler?

A forklift with a single-drive wheel added in the center of its rear to help ensure maximum maneuverability is known as a three-wheeler. Other than that, a three-wheel counterbalance forklift is similar to regular counterbalance machines.
Forks protrude from the front of counterbalance trucks. With no outrigging legs or arms, operators can drive these machines all the way up to the exact location of the load or racking. Since no reach facility is required, it enables straightforward operation.
Working best in limited-space applications, these machines provide excellent maneuverability, ideal for applications requiring inside and outside use and racking loading. Counterbalance under-clearance combined with tight maneuverability provide maximum productivity.
These trucks can use electric, gas or diesel engines. Many such machines feature sideshifts, as well as using operator cabs.
The “counterbalance weight design” means that the weight at the rear of the truck off-sets the load to be lifted at the front. Batteries serve as ballast as well as a source of power on electric counterbalance machines, allowing them to use smaller counterweights.

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