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RHCC employee Bryan Bass saves little girl and her mother

Bryan Bass

RHCC employee Bryan Bass saved a little girl and her mom from drowning after their SUV crashed into a pond

This letter was sent to RHCC by Lieutenant Jennifer Seetoo (Barsh) of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department

I want to share with you a heroic act by one of your employees, Bryan Bass.  Full disclosure, Bryan Bass is my cousin. However, as a law enforcement officer I am in awe of the heroism he displayed on February 19, 2018.  I sent this letter the Clark County Elected Officials and the Sheriff of Clark County.

Clark County Sheriff’s Case #18001687
CAD# 18056918

February 19, 2018 was a particularly cold and windy day; the weather conditions were extreme.  Bryan Bass and his mother, Diane Bass, were driving southbound on 72nd Street in Vancouver, WA.  As the duo drove, they noticed an SUV heading northbound on 72nd Street.  After the vehicle passed them, Bryan looked in his rearview mirror and noticed the SUV  lose control.  It lost control, became airborne, landed on its front bumper, and skidded into a nearby pond. 

Throwing caution to the wind, Bryan quickly turned his vehicle around and heroically ran down the six to seven foot embankment covered with thorny bushes toward the pond.  The SUV was quickly filling with water; inside were a little girl and woman.  The girl was in shock. She was screaming and trying to get out of the vehicle through the window, while the woman, was trying to restrain her and to keep her in the car.  The pond was around seven to eight feet deep, and the water filling the SUV was frigid.  

Bryan rapidly reached the SUV through the frigid water and noticed the doors couldn’t be opened.  He grabbed and pulled the little girl through the window, ran up the embankment, and handed her to a bystander.  Although there were several bystanders, none of them were willing to wade into the water to assist Bryan.  Working against the clock, he made his way back down the embankment to help the woman escape from the vehicle which was quickly filling up with water. 

Bryan was able to pull her out of the vehicle window and helped her up the embankment.  Bystanders helped the woman and the child into another vehicle so they could get warm and wait for a responding rescue team.  At this point, Bryan’s legs were turning blue and he lost all feeling in his extremities.  His mother drove him home so he could get warm. 

Diane Bass witness the entire incident and she had tears in her eyes as she shared the story.  She stated, “the little girl would have drowned, she was in shock and the water was so cold and deep.”  

As a law enforcement officer, I understand how unique Bryan’s act of heroism was and how often civilians risk their lives to help fellow humans. Bryan Bass did so without thinking twice and without any expectation of accolades or praise. He is an unsung hero.

Thank you for your time,


Lieutenant Jennifer Seetoo (Barsh)
Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department
Criminal Intelligence Bureau
Joint Regional Intelligence Center