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2016 Sales Awards – Materials Handling Sales Excellence

In early 2016, Raymond Handing Concepts Corporation (RHCC) hosted its Annual Sales meeting and awards

ceremony.  This year, the event was held at the Fremont Marriott Silicon Valley, a mile from RHCC’s corporate office.


Materials Handling Sales Team in 2016 - Rack Sales - Lift Truck Sales - Conveyor Sales - Parts Sales - Rentals Sales

RAYMOND Sales Team 2016


2015 was a breakthrough year for RHCC.  The company’s revenue grew by 35% from $77 million in

2014 to over $103 million in 2015.  Additionally, RAYMOND market-share grew again in 2015; this was the fourth year in a row of positive market-share growth for RAYMOND in RHCC’s trading area.  RHCC covers Northern California, Northern Nevada, Idaho, Oregon, Montana, Washington State and Alaska.






In 2015, nine Sales professionals achieved Sales Lyons status.  To become a Sales Lyon, a Sales representative needs to demonstrate exceptional Sales results by servicing his/her customers, providing comprehensive, high-quality, price competitive materials handling solutions to their customers.  This is achieved through hard work and dedication to their customers and RHCC.

The Sales Lyon award is highly coveted by RHCC’s Sales team.  Benefits include:


Sales Rep of the Year

Ralf Krutein holding Sales Rep of the Year award for 2015 with Simon Walker and Steve Raymond

Ralf Krutein – Sales Rep of the Year for 2015
Left to Right: Simon Walker, Ralf Krutein and Steve Raymond

The Sales Rep of the Year award is awarded to the Sales professional who demonstrates great care in providing the whole range of materials handling products and services that Raymond Handling Concepts offers.  Additionally, the Sales Rep of the Year achieves exceptional results for his customers consistently throughout the year.

This year’s Sales Rep of the Year goes to Ralf Krutein.


Bill Bradshaw posing with Simon Walker, Lance Emigh and Steve Raymond

2015 Sales Lyon – Bill Bradshaw
Left to right: Simon Walker, Lance Emigh, Bill Bradshaw, Steve Raymond

There were 31 awards and award winners for 2015. below is a list of the award winners and the category for which they received the award.  The awards are listed alphabetically by the sales rep’s first name.

Integration Systems Group (automation products) Sales – Bill Bradshaw

Total Used (Renewed) Lift Truck Sales Bill Bradshaw

Used (Renewed) Lift Truck Unit SalesBill Bradshaw

Lift Truck Rental Revenue (most units on rent)Bill Bradshaw

2015 Sales Lyon AwardDan Hubert

Most New CustomersDani LaMarche

Simon Walker, Dani LaMarche (holding most new customers award), Steve Raymond

Most New Customers Award goes to Dani LaMarche
From Left to Right: Simon Walker, Dani LaMarche, Steve Raymond

Most new contracts for Forklifts on SMs (schedule lift truck maintenance)Danny Blau

Most Line Items (highest volume of individual orders)Danny Blau

Most RJ50 Unit Sales (hand pallet trucks)Danny Blau

2015 Sales LyonDanny Blau

102xm Contest Winner (electric pallet truck sales)Danny Blau

CRM Award – Average Sales Cycle (documenting future sales early)Dave Scales

2015 Sales Lyon – Ed Betos

Most Class 1 Unit SalesJeff Clare

Jeff Clare standing with Simon Walker and Steve Raymond holding award for most lift truck sales in 2015

Highest Core Sales (RAYMOND lift trucks) – Jeff Clare

Most Class 2 Unit Sales Jeff Clare

Most Class 3 Unit SalesJeff Clare

Most Total Class 1-3 Unit SalesJeff Clare

Most Core Sales (RAYMOND lift truck related products)Jeff Clare

Most Taylor Dunn SalesJeff Clare

2015 Sales LyonJeff Clare

CRM Engagement (accuracy and entering orders into CRM, minimal rework in CRM )Jim Cox

2015 Sales LyonJim Cox

102xm Contest Winner (electric pallet truck sales) – Jim Cox

Jim Cox holding CRM award with Simon Walker, Kylie Sheldon and Steve Raymond

2015 CRM Engagement Award
Left to right: Simon Walker, Kylie Sheldon, Jim Cox, Steve Raymond

Most Funnel Emails Sent (best use of marketing resources)Kevin Mesa

Director of Sales- Highest Profit Lance Emigh

Most iWarehouse SalesLuis Castaneda

Most CFPMs (full service) ContractsLuis Castaneda

2015 Sales LyonLuis Castaneda

102xm Contest Winner (electric pallet truck sales)Luis Castaneda

PSR sales rep of year (Parts Sales to customers performing their own maintenance) – Melissa Rasey

Unicorn Award (most open to vendor presentations)Mike Connelly

Mike Connelly standing holding a unicorn and an award certificate with Simon Walker and Steve Raymond at the 2015 RHCC awards ceremony

2015 Unicorn Award – Mike Connelly

Most Allied Sales (Storage and Rack Sales)Ralf Krutein

Most Kardex Remstar Sales Ralf Krutein

Highest Total SalesRalf Krutein

Highest Total GPRalf Krutein

2015 Sales Rep of the YearRalf Krutein

2015 Sales LyonRalf Krutein

Director of Sales-Most Improved GP PerformanceScott Thurston

Most Engaged in Social MediaVerne Cysensky

2015 Sales LyonWill Chae

102xm Contest Winner (electric pallet truck sales) Will Chae